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The Plaitford Pigs

Over the last couple of years we have brought native breed pigs back to the woodlands at the farm.

We have bought weaners from a local saddleback sow, and they have thrived in the woods. We've enjoyed them so much that we now have our own piglets, and will now be using much more of the woods

Our pigs have a seriously happy life. They live outdoors in our woods with the option of shelter whenever they need it. They can root to their hearts content. They have the chance to express their social, gregarious nature in the uncrowded company of other pigs. And they have a natural, varied, additive free diet. Their meat develops slowly, is surrounded by a natural layer of fat, and is made firm by a reasonable level of exercise. So it tastes delicious.

"The quality of any meat relates directly to the lifestyle of the animal from which it comes"  Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

As well as selling individual cuts of meat or packs of sausages, we also run a popular "Have your pig, and eat it" scheme you buy your pig or piglet upfront, we look after it, but you can come and visit and feed him or her. When the time comes you can be involved in the process and tell us exactly how you would you like your meat cut so, the size of the roasting joints, how many sausages etc etc. Please contact us to discuss.

NB some of these photos were taken in December when it was so cold that we had brought the pigs down to use some sheds near the farm yard. They will be back rootling in the woods just as soon as possible.