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Restoring the farm for future generations

In the last few years we have begun an extensive programme of restoration and conservation:

Fields, drainage, hedges and springs

  • Restoring the major pastures with new grass lays, soon to be clover-intensive pastures
  • Rebuilding three-quarters of the fencing and revamping the extensive field drain and stream system
  • Creating new and less damaging trails for moving cattle and vehicles through the farm
  • Restoring the Churchyard hedges, ditches and fencing
  • Opening part of the meadowland for back-up grazing by New Forest commoners


  • Replanting a new woodland to reconnect the ancient Melchet Forest with the New Forest, with the assistance of pupils from Landford Primary School
  • Commencing a coppicing programme in the ancient British woodland areas
  • Eradication of Rhododendron infestation across Plaitford copse

Rivers and streams

  • Starting to restore our riverbanks cutting back the overgrown tree line
  • Removing huge amounts of non-native species with the assistance of the New Forest volunteers
  • Extracting foreign debris from the main river and stream beds
  • Opening the blocked culverts under our main roads to enable better drainage and water supply for secondary fields

What next? How much can we do? It is a long list, however we are working to ...

  • Complete the work to restore the fencing, ditches and tree/hedge planting
  • Get underway felling our huge black poplar stands and replace them with traditional British woodland species
  • Restore the hedges of the Knapman fields with laid hedges and safe footpaths
  • Restore the Victorian meadow drainage system
  • Work with English Heritage to investigate the moat ("Moot") site and reverse the advance of hedges and trees into the moat
  • Restoring the meadow and pasture fauna and flora with wildflowers and clover
  • Rebuild the delightful but collapsing farmhouse and Victorian farm yard and farm buildings, and introduce sustainable water and energy technologies